The right choice for your transition to precision agriculture.

We are experts in the field of precision agriculture.

Our knowledge helps farmers practice the possibilities of digitalization and data analysis. Our story starts in 2018 with early trials on wheat fertilization using drone-driven multispectral images. Due to efficient results and a constant drive for learning, we collaborate with some of the largest Slovenian farms and agriculture companies, and keep expanding basic and additional services.





We connect a technological world of data and software with agriculture. Our goal is to offer practical solutions that are user-friendly and easy to use. Active work engagement on larger and smaller farms allows us to learn more about their challenges and keep our knowledge up to date. We are aware of several factors that affect work on farms and the latter alone is our advantage. Personal ties with our clients allow us to develop easy-to-use digital-technological services that aid the optimization of crop quality and operation.


Maša Kolenko
Maša KolenkoSales and marketing
Sergej Krajnc
Sergej KrajncCEO