Precision fertilization

The goal is to use up the amount of fertilizer as needed and reasonable over individual areas. For optimal growth, nutrients are added in individual growth phases during fertilization (e.g. stem development and ear emergence etc.). We mainly use nitrogen fertilizers in combination with some others.

Precision fertilization in practice:

Wheat and rapeseed fertilization

Based on the soil structure and basic soil nutrition level, we can:

  • Optimize the use of fertilizer up to 20% in non-homogeneous soil (short-term savings);
  • Improve target fertilization coating based on actual needs to achieve greater uniformity of crop fields over the entire area (long-term savings);
  • Perform three fertilization phases.

Maize fertilization

The specificity of maize is in its greater need of nutrients during a growth phase when it is already oversized for the use of machinery. For this reason, more costly fertilizers with slower release are used. Therefore, it is recommended to perform variable fertilization given the nature of soil, as it is the case with wheat.

  • Two fertilization phases.



Drones and satellites with installed multispectral sensors capture a snapshot inside and outside visible wavelengths (up to IR color spectrum). Vegetation indices, which are calculated based on the captured snapshots, indicate vegetation conditions. The most frequently used indices are NDVI Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) and NDRE (Normalized Difference Red Edge Index).

Fertilization requires a spreader with support for variable dosing adjustment over the entire spread width or over multiple segments with navigation system support and ISOBUS (a bus for connecting a machine with a terminal on a tractor), or without ISOBUS (a machine without an integrated solution – a direct data transfer to a machine with, for example, a USB stick).


Plan in time.


Optimally, contact us two weeks before the operation to perform field works and prepare all the necessary data for integration into machinery in time.